"The strongest and sweetest songs yet remain to be sung."


Hello there-- the pleasure is all mine. I am Melody Memoirs, your exotic and engaging Persian muse.


We have met before; I am the woman whose perfume lingers after I have left the room. The coy smile and wink from across the bar. The titillating thoughts that distract you at work. In my presence you will enjoy the comfort of an old flame alongside the excitement of a new spark...



...Think of me as your Girlfriend Away From Home. I attract those who desire an authentic, refreshing experience free of drama, strings, and judgement. Together we will enjoy nights on the town, weekend getaways, galas and events, & a deeply delightful friendship. My bag is always packed and my passport is eager for stamps. I am a Washington DC based escort. I am available locally and worldwide.

My ideal suitor is one who is respectful, indulgent, and open-minded. Hedonism runs through my veins and I crave someone with whom to share life's pleasures. I hope to not only brighten your day but to be the best part of it; think of me as an oasis away from your daily stressors and routine.

I lead a full life of spending time with friends and family, excellent travel companion, concerts and festivals, & my many hobbies and interests. Comfortable both dressed up and casual I fit in in a range of settings and can accompany you on dinner dates and just about anywhere. I'm sure you would love a raven-haired, petite, curvy siren on your arm; do you think you can handle the jealous glances?

Be sure to read through my entire website and fill out my booking form when you are ready to meet. I look forward to hearing from you and continuing our adventure.


Melody Memoirs

Age 30  |  5'1" 130lbs.  |  36DD Size 6/Medium  |  36/6.5 Shoes